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When you register for Website design service at BITI, you will get a website with the following:
Professional real estate website design is the top concern of real estate businesses. Because the real estate market has been scorching in recent years, it is also a specific industry with great property value. The approach to customers needs to be synchronized, both online and offline. Therefore, Centana Thu Thiem has built a separate website to impress customers.

Standout features

  • Filter
  • Advanced search
  • Calculate the price quickly
  • Online payment
  • Chat Online
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Register/Login
  • And More

In addition, you can also design a website on demand, suitable for your company and services. Please refer to the available web design service or register for a 100% free online consultation.

  • Responsive interface, suitable for all types of mobile devices and computers
  • Website SEO standard, suitable to climb to the top 1 of Google search
  • Support to install, support and advise you to install your website on hosting
  • Safe, malware-free interface with the latest secure SSL features


1. Choose a suitable interface for you

Immediately choose an interface available in BITI's interface collections because the interface store is rich, so you choose carefully to have a website that best suits your business.

2. Contact us for instructions

Contact us online to acquire a code. The specialized team will get in touch and proceed with instructions on installing and using the website.

3. Prepare a hosting and beautiful domain name

Instructions to find a beautiful domain name for your website and a hosting to host your website. You can choose to host at BITI; we offer a domain name.

4. Put source code into hosting and domain name

Put the source code in the hosting, and point the domain name to the hosting; within 24 hours, you will have a good website. Then you will change the website content, such as phone number, company name, and logo.